Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Prepaid Legal Leads Generation Made Easy - How To Create Unlimited Free Prepaid Legal Leads

Prepaid legal is a great company and has a great compensation plan, but that means nothing if you are not recruiting people and putting them into your down line. Hunting down friends and family is dead. This is the OLD way of marketing!

Who knows, maybe you have enough interested uncle Tim's and Aunt Sarah's but I surely do not. And I'm pretty sure none of them have ever built a long term sustainable business online. There is a much better way to generate prepaid legal leads, and distributors for your business.

Simply put, if you do not want to continue wasting your time and energy, you MUST use the internet to leverage your business. Once you learn a few core marketing principles, and where to position yourself prepaid legal leads generation is a sinch.

By marketing on the internet you literally open the floodgates of prepaid legal leads, and unlike your family and friends, these leads are very targeted. This means they are already interested, already sold, just looking for a place to sign. You do not have to go out and convince them; instead you just show them how they can buy from you.

Do you think it would be a lot easier to build a business this way?

There are tons of ways to generate prepaid legal leads all day long if you want to. All it takes is a little marketing education, and a little technical know-how and your days of striking up conversations with people in grocery lines or calling up and hassling friends and family.

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Great, so how do you do all of this wonderful stuff?

There are millions of ways to generate prepaid legal leads, that like you and want to work with and join only you in business, but I will briefly describe three.

1. Video Marketing- The king of all free marketing techniques. Do you know what the 3rd most visited website on the internet is? Youtube! It is literally filled with prospects. People will get to know you before they ever meet you, and as long as you provide valuable (helpful) information they will search for you and want to work directly with you.

2. Article marketing- All it takes is one article (10-15 minutes of work) and that article can recruit fresh new prepaid legal leads daily and ultimately new distributors for you on complete auto-pilot until the day you decide to take that article down (which would be NEVER). The simple fact that you are reading this article right now shows that article marketing works, and can be used to generate unlimited amounts of fresh prepaid legal leads daily.

3. Social Media Marketing - Twitter, Facebook, Digg, these are just some of the big name players on the block. Social media marketing is taking over the network marketing world. If you want people to join you on auto-pilot, if you want people to like and trust you, then you must be building a loyal following on social media. By you simply being you, you are going to generate not only prepaid legal leads, but fresh new distributors for your business.

Now how does attracting leads to you change the way you run your business?

Run your business like a business. Instead of convincing, choose who you want to work with. You choose who you want to work with rather than trying to get anyone you can find. This allows you to work with only the most interested people, the people that you enjoy working the most with. So now, not only are you generating free prepaid legal leads, but now you are having fun doing it.

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