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MLSP Tips: My Lead System Pro Review

 I wanted to give a quick review on MLSP or My Lead System Pro to give you a quick overview of what to expect in the system. Follow this quick guide to success and get access to the same system that top producers use so you can explode your network marketing company.

What Is MLSP (My Lead System Pro)?

MLSP is the complete roadmap to running a profitable Internet business. It is the step by step blueprint of how the top producers in this industry build networking empires.

MLSP is developing top marketers every day.There are thousands of people joining this movement daily because they realize in order to be successful you must become a master marketer. Leaders are coming out the wood works, exploding their businesses and conquering the internet.

My Lead System Pro is an attraction marketing system,that will allow any entrepreneur novice or expert to truly dominate the internet.The education and the actual resources you need are provided in MLSP to build your business.

When I get people asking me how to successful build a business online? I say you simply must become a master marketer.

The business opportunity is only 20 percent of the equation the other 80 percent is truly learning how to market. Marketing doesn't mean making a Facebook or Twitter account and spamming people to join your business. You must learn some real marketing skills to dominate any where on the internet.

My Lead System Pro Review - Does it Work?

My lead system pro was founded by Fanale Norbert Orlewicz and Todd Schlomer almost 2 years ago. It is an online marketing training website, which will help network marketers capture leads. Most online marketers do not have the skills, experience or knowledge which will help them capture leads and my lead system pro helps its members to capture leads easily.

MLSP is a MLM lead generator and the business owners can use this system to filter the leads, which are generated. Not all leads, which are generated, can be productive and it is important for any business to filter the leads to get the best possible results. The entire marketing process gets streamlined due to this.

So how does my lead system pro work? Most members are apprehensive of the technical aspects of any MLM system. MLSP takes care of all the technical aspects of the program easily and helps its members to build their business. Leads can be generated for the business as soon as you plug in the system.

The getting started section of the tutorial will guide its members on how to setup the system. The strategies and techniques, which they use for their business, can also be duplicated for other team members in an effective manner. The system can also be customized as per the individual preference of the members.

What is the cost of joining My Lead System Pro? The cost of joining is $29.97 in the first month and $49.97 for each subsequent month. There are multiple income streams, which can be generated through this program. There are around 20 affiliate programs, which a member can join in the back office.

The members are provided training through webinars and they can create numerous marketing campaigns to promote their business. The system can be specifically customized for each campaign. A fully automated email system is also provided to the members, which will help them convert the leads into business.

A video of the marketing campaign, which members have developed, can also be posted at My Lead System Pro. This will help the members market their products or services effectively. There is also a free marketing training program to members of the system.

The members will also get pre-written auto responder message service, which will help them followup with their prospects in an effective manner. MLSP, which is an Internet marketing system for self branding provides excellent training to its members. They also have their very own affiliate program and the member will receive $15.00 on sign up and will continue to receive this amount, till they remain active members.

MLM business opportunities do not suit all. Distributors will need to have patience and dedication to achieve success. It is not a get rich quickly plan but it can lead to success when worked effectively. Although most who join MLM programs fail, chances of success are greatly increased when the right training and marketing systems are fully utilized.

Numis Network Products Is The ISHHHH

Numis Network Products - Numis MLM business opportunity Is a new company on the horizon; launching on August 15, 2009. It provides upgraded silver and gold numismatic coins using direct sales marketing business model. The company is providing their products with the intention of becoming the biggest retailer in the world of precious metal coins. But, what does this do for the many members who have joined Numis MLM. What are the benefits of become a member of Numis?

Numis MLM business opportunity is based on the idea of building wealth with silver and gold numismatic coins. Their goal is to help families create wealth collecting the highest grade of silver and gold collectible coins. Now, you may be asking yourself, "What is Numismatic?" Numismatic is the study and collection of money. Numismatic coins are collectible coins.

As a member of Numis Network, you can earn immediate upfront income and build residual income quickly. You will also receive silver and gold coins each month to add to your collection.

An Honest Review Of Lia Sophia

In this Lia Sophia evaluation, I'm not going to assessment whether or not Lia Sophia is a gimmick. This business has been growing and offering fashion jewelry for a lot more than thirty years, proving their legitimacy in the multi-level marketing industry. I do intend to investigate the venture business that they offer to determine if Lia Sophia is a viable home venture option for you.

Lia Sophia is a multilevel marketing business business that has been operated by the Kiam family since 1986 with a mission to supply beautiful jewelry together with offering financial security for those who partner with them.

Should you have a wish to market the products that you enjoy from Lia Sophia, at similar time as profit from these efforts, you can join Lia Sophia for a price of $149. You are going to be provided with a starter kit with sufficient products and supplies to conduct your 1st 5 home parties or shows. You will also be provided with a pre-built web site for an additional $9.95 each month.

The Lia Sophia pay plans plan will reward you inside the form of commissions ranging from 20% to 30% for every product that you sell on their behalf. As you sponsor new Advisors to join your group, you will reap the rewards of their personal production as well.

Just like many other Network marketing businesses that exist inside the market place today, the Lia Sophia venture model is dependent upon word of mouth and direct selling. You are going to be encouraged to prospect amongst your friends, relatives, neighbors, and close associates to invite them to host a home party, and invite others to attend. At this party, you are going to showcase the jewelry, take orders, attract new members to join you, and see if anyone else who is in attendance would like to host a party of their own. These methods of venture building are very familiar within this industry, and unfortunately, only 3% of those who attempt a business in this manner actually earn a substantial income.

However, I do think that Lia Sophia is a reputable opportunity for the proper kind of person. Although successful businesses have been built inside the past using the methods that they train, this venture would be best suited for somebody who has the expertise to market outside of their small network of family and friends. Also, is fashion jewelry going to be the most effective product to offer in today's economy, since it is not a necessity? This is definitely food for thought, but if you believe you have the expertise to grow this business, then Lia Sophia may be a great enterprise to pursue further.

ACN Network Marketing FActs

Once you have go through all of the amazing content on Acninc on this page your understanding of the Acninc program and you'll know the best way to explode your ACN venture or whatsoever Network marketing company you pick.

The weather was stunning up in Canada and I was looking at my phone bill to realise that I am paying far too much for my phone usage. So that got me contemplating the MLM Industries Telecommunications Companies.

And here I am now researching and reviewing the Acninc program. Is it a scam?

I will tell you right now that Acn Telecommunications is certainly not a scam. Acn meets all of the regulations of the FTC. This means that ACN communications is a legit company within the MLM industry.

So Who Is Acn Inc?

ACN operates out of North American, European, and Australian countries offering . ACN provides customers and venture with local and long distance phone service, internet, mobile services and other services like the new video phones they recently launched.

ACN sets themselves apart with their new Video Calling services. By using the Acn service you can actually see who you're conversing with live. The ACN digital phone service provides unlimited calling to the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. The video telephone presented from ACN has a seven inch screen and is called the . Furthermore, you can get access to weather, sports, media, and several of online options with the Iris 300 and also plug in DECT 6.0 Uniden cordless phones.

What Is Acn Communications Inc?

popular venture model Multi-level marketing. Consultants or Representatives for Acn are paid in an all commissions style pay plan; meaning Acn Consultants are paid by many diverse additional bonuses while getting a reduction in price on their phone service.

Acn Inc Pay Plan

20 percent of all of the revenue that comes in goes back to research new technology and product development. For this reason that's why there is such a low payout percentages and because of the services they are selling. The competitors are many in the Phone and Online communications industry. It is undoubtedly a challenge to work inside the same category as those huge conversation companies like Vonage, who might offer their services for not even $25.00 monthly. Layla and I have conversed with many frusterated ACNing Reps. They are forced to maintain an active passive income to reach their desired . ACN Associates need a steady flow of sales from a highly competitive market, thus giving them a low percentage of the company's payout.

Because the pay level seriously isn't as high, according to the industry averages, this really hurts acninc distributors. They offer a high quality product and excellent service; there isn't any doubt about that.

The downfall the ACN rep's downline should be very extensive and very productive in order to make this a full time income.

ACN Inc - What's it about?

ACN Inc, self proclaimed to be the world's largest direct selling telecommunications enterprise operates in twenty countries across three continents. So if you are a network marketer in US, Europe or Asia Pacific, you would have absolutely come across the means to earn money as a distributor of this company's products. Whether you're an aspiring rep or already working as one in ACnInc, you'll absolutely find the following information helpful to strengthen your income and get to be one of the top earners in this business. 1st, let's glance at the background of the corporation and then explore the income opportunity to find out how best to earn money from ACNinc.

· ACN Inc - What's it about?

Four entrepreneurs, Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Mike Cupisz and Tony Cupisz founded this company in Farmington Hills, Michigan in 1993 to offer local and long distance telephones, online, wireless, satellite TV with DirecTV and Home Security. These products and services are sold through Multilevel Marketing, i.e, by hiring representatives to market products and sign up far more representatives. This corporation claims to be diverse from other MLMs by offering reps a residual income for the work done.

· What is Passive income?

As a associate for ACN, your commission is a percentage on your customer's usage value depending on the level in which you're placed. You earn a residual income for your service, that is, you earn money for as long as the customer uses the product. So once you've closed a deal, your client just has to use the service you've sold to allow you to earn. Tempting? Think again!

· Criticisms

If the income program was really as lucrative as advertised, why should there be simply a lukewarm response to this opening? Here are the reasons -

1. The payout offered is minimal. This is certainly to enable the business to survive amidst heavy competition. This really is scarcely enough to get you much more than a few hundred dollars a year.

2. You'll have to make an investment of $499 to join.

3. Though you get a commission based on your customer's usage, it's payable only when the minimum usage is $10000.

4. As a previous employee pointed out, you earn more in ACNinc by recruiting folks than by selling products.

5. The enterprise trains you to target your "warm market", that is, friends and relatives to do your venture. In a few days, you'll find that this market is not warm anymore. It gets embarrassing when people start avoiding you to escape the inevitable meetings and parties you'd otherwise take them to.

· So where does this leave us?

Do not lose hope. These criticisms never mean ACN Inc is a wasted venture. In fact, there are actually a great deal of success stories within this Company in its life span of 15 years.

To be truly prosperous, you need go beyond the usual and tap your customer base innovatively. Project yourself to a global audience and reach individuals who are outside your warm market. The secret to this is certainly going internet. Is there a network that's larger versus online? Get individuals to tactic you with bookings. Adopt a new approach to marketing and conduct your business in style using the very best tools in the net.

ACN is a telecom business

ACN is a telecom-based multilevel marketing corporation, originally based in Farmington Hills, Michigan, but now based in Concord, North Carolina. It's a popular multi-level marketing company that started in 1993. In 1999, the enterprise opened operations in Europe and in 2004 opened the markets in Asia. Presently, ACN operates in 20 countries and has 5 International Headquarters (besides the US based offices). While you'll find many reports implying that ACN is a gimmick, ACN is a legitimate business business. At present, ACN is a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and has a A+ rating inside the Better Venture Bureau.

With that said, you'll find pros and cons associated with the ACN Business Program. Before I go into them, ok, i'll BRIEFLY explain it's services and pay plans plan.

The Services

While ACN markets several diverse services that aren't telecom-based (home security devices, broadband internet services and satellite TV), it's main lines of services revolve around telecommunications:

1. Local And Long Distance Service - Because of the deregulation that took place inside the phone industry back in 1996, ACN was able to position themselves in front customers who were now able to choose their phone business. It's really a great concept. Why? Because all you, as an ACN distributor, have to do is save somebody a few dollars a month on a service they're ALREADY and WILL CONTINUE to pay for every single month.

2. Voice Over Online Protocal (VOIP) - In a nutshell, VOIP technology enables a customer to make phone calls over their web line. By doing this, they are able to cut their $70-$80 a month local & long distance phone bill down to a $25-$30 a month VOIP bill. Typically, unlimited international calls to several selected countries are also included in this LOW monthly bill.

3. Cellular Phone - ACN resells cell phones from pretty much all the major carriers like Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile.

4. The Video Phone - The video phone is ACN's flagship product. It's exactly what it sounds like, a VOIP phone that has a screen on it that allows you to see the person you're speaking to, assuming they are on a video phone also.

The Compensation plan Plan (Model)

ACN operates on a UNILEVEL compensation plan plan platform. While a UNILEVEL comp plan is typically used by older MLM businesses and does not have the "sexiness" associated with a Binary, it's still a very stable and profitable enterprise model. In fact, UNILEVEL comp plans have had the LEAST complaints when compared to the amount of complaints that Binaries and Matrixes have gotten over the last couple of years.

With that said, the compensation plan plan can certainly be broken down into two categories:

1. Residual income - Residual income is earned and built through the acquisition of customers. As you personally acquire customers who get on ACN services, you earn a passive income every month as your customers pay their bills. On top of that, you'll earn an override residual income from every customer that's acquired through your organization.

2. Upfront Signup bonuses (CAB & T-CAB Signup bonuses) - Signup bonuses are paid out in relation to the amount of reps your group brings in on a monthly basis. Keep in mind, that signup bonuses are ONLY paid out when reps get QUALIFIED within their 1st 30 days. This QUALIFICATION changes every now and then, but typically it comprises a new distributor acquiring 8 customer points, with each service earning a certain amount of customer points. For example, when a new rep acquires a new VOIP customer, that customer gives them 2 customer points.

With that said, one can find 2 MAJOR factors to keep in mind with regards to ACN's Upfront Signup bonuses:

1. If a new distributor Doesn't get qualified in their First 30 days, then bonuses are NOT paid out.

2. There are actually thresholds that have to be passed for reps to earn bigger bonuses. For example, if a new rep must have to hit 10 Qualified Reps to earn a $1,500 Bonus, but they only get 9 Qualified Reps that month, they will earn the bonus given at the lower level (typically for getting 5 individuals qualified).

Now, Ok, i'll Give You 3 PROS Of The ACN Enterprise Opportunity:

1. As I mentioned earlier, the genius of ACN is you're SIMPLY saving customers money on a service they're ALREADY spending money on.

2. ACN is positioned in front of the curve, with regards to Video Phones. If Video Phones become the next big thing in telecom, it can certainly mean huge program for ACN reps.

3. ACN has some of the most effective network marketing training and trainers that I've seen inside the last 13 years that I've been full-time in this industry.

Now, For 3 Of The CONS:

1. The passive income is very small. Now, I'm not saying ACN is a negative enterprise, but there's only so many ways they can pay out residual income on a $25 a month VOIP bill. To be able to make significant passive income, you'll must build a Huge organization with tens of thousands (and hundreds of thousands) of active customers. With that said, you will find many producing RVPs making multiple 6-figures a calendar year. The problem is the bulk of their income is from bonuses and NOT residuals. So if they ever slow down, they are in BIG trouble.

2. As I mentioned earlier, CAB Additional bonuses are ONLY paid out on QUALIFIED reps. Basically, if your organization puts in 20 reps, but ONLY 5 of them get QUALIFIED, you'll only receive money for having 5 QUALIFIED reps that month. But yet ACN still takes inside the same $500 entry on all the other 15 reps they didn't pay you on. In my opinion, there is a TON of breakage inside the comp plan.

3. As great as the idea is, ACN still has a tremendous amount of competition. Inside the network marketing area, you'll find corporations like Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, Multilevel marketing, Lightyear Wireless and Escape International who are all offering telecom services. But on top of that, they have to compete with the big monopolies like Sprint, Verizon, DishTV, etc.

Should You Join?

As I mentioned before, ACN is a legitimate business business. Nevertheless, it's critical that you do your research first and identify if it's the chance you're looking for. For example, if you're interested in getting a piece of the Video Phone market and like the concept of marketing services that individuals are already using, them ACN may be for you. In case you're interested in building a significant PURELY passive income (not counting UPFRONT bonuses), then ACN may not be for you.

ACN business FActs

ACN, Inc, is a multilevel marketing company that provides consumers low cost telephone service, online, wireless service, as well as digital and video phones. They have built themselves into a well-known Network marketing corporation, and claim to be the worlds largest direct seller of conversation products.

ACN scam has also gained much attention for their income opportunity, and there are actually some very real concerns about starting or participating in an ACN enterprise. In this content, we will go through and give an unbiased review of the pros and cons of doing an ACN enterprise, and see if ACN is a great enterprise program...or a great scam.

1. ACN - The Good

ACN was founded in 1993 by Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Mike Cupisz, and tony Cupisz. They operate in 19 countries and have over 1,000 employees worldwide. The enterprise itself has a pretty simple product line - low-cost telecommunication service, online service (DSL, broadband, and dial-up) and other simple wireless services. They have experienced double-digit growth for the past couple of years, and claim to reap $500m in revenue annually. One of the much more notable achieve of ACN is that they have gotten Donald Trump to publicly endorse them as a great business business. So far, so good.

2. ACN - The Negative

Whether or not ACN is an excellent venture business, it is clear that Mr. Trump has no intention of starting an ACN business. Additionally, making RVP or SVP (the top positions in ACN) take considerably far more work than finding 3 individuals...who find 3 individuals...who find 3 individuals...etc. etc.

The theory of growing an ACN venture is that the representative will simply find a few individuals who are already using telecom service, and switch over to ACN because of the income program. The picture is painted that the representative might be paid off everyone in their neighborhood who has a telephone...which is most everyone. The problem comes with a marketing concept called positioning.

3. ACN - The Ugly

ACN, like many other MLM's, teach their distributors to leverage their "warm market", friends and family. However, when a new representative comes conversing to their friends and family about making a tremendous income with a enterprise program...and the marketer seriously isn't making any money...there is a credibility issue that occurs, and the associate is positioned as a gopher for somebody else's business.

Growing an ACN enterprise can certainly be a great program. They appear to have an excellent service, but there are plenty of corporations that have great products, and many people that market great products never generate a dime. One can find also plenty of terrible products that generate millions of dollars in revenue (anyone remember the pet rock?) The difference is the marketer, and their ability to target their market effectively.

In closing, I would say that starting and developing an ACN business is lucrative if you know the best way to effectively use the telephone, the Internet, and other productive marketing tools. It's not a scam, but like any venture, success am goin to be determined by the skill-set of the marketer. ACN is definitely not a lottery ticket or a stock option - meaning, you don't just buy in and wait for a payout.

If somebody doesn't have the 1st clue on how you can market effectively, then I would suggest they either learn to be an efficient marketer, or else just use ACN as a way to save a few bucks on your phone bill.

This write-up might be freely published on a web site as long as it is not modified in any way including the author bylines and active hyperlinks.

FHTM, Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing

FHTM, Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, was launched by Paul Orberson in January of 2001. Their head offices can be found in Lexington, Kentucky, and their sales exceed $500 million annually.

FHTM uses the multi-level marketing business model to advertise its products and services. This is a company that has been 100% debt free since its beginning. You can certainly find them operating in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Puerto Rico Instead of creating its own products, FHTM utilizes many popular services and products at the moment being used by countless customers throughout the world. They have developed a process in which their network marketers make profits for referring new clients to roughly 20 or so various partner companies.

Founder, Paul Orberson, became a millionaire inside the multilevel marketing industry while working as a marketer for Excel Communications. Representatives of Excel earned profits by getting customers to change out their existing telephone service for Excel. This same idea is in FHTM's business model.

Products and Services

Inside FHTM you'll find services such as cell phone, home telephone, hi-speed online, auto clubs, travel clubs and home security systems. Included are businesses like T-Mobile, Alltel Wireless, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and Dish Network. And they also have product lines, including a nutritional supplement line, pet supplement line, beauty line, and a travel portal site where you can certainly receive travel discounts.

FHTM's Pay plans Plan

As a rep you'll receive a $100 bonus for bringing other reps into FHTM, as well as other bonuses as you are promoted to different levels within the organization. Representatives develop up residual income by earning 2-20% on reoccurring purchases. Some don't like the stair-step breakaway plan. This means the stars in your organization breakaway, and so reps must always be recruiting new network marketers into the venture.

FHTM Evaluation

Fortune has been around since 2001, making it a very well established network marketing business. Paul Orberson is a proven leader in the multilevel marketing industry, and advertisements tremendous value to the corporation. The business is offering services and products that have a market and are in high demand.

The negative side: Even with the demand of these products and services, most are already locked into tight long term contracts, making it less attractive for individuals to switch at times. Many existing representatives have had to reach out to other places for additional training, even with a significance on training within the business. FHTM appears to only put emphasis on marketing methods of the past. These methods are essential in building a multi-level marketing business; however, in the age of the Online, many see the possibility it can certainly bring to a home enterprise. And that is why many Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing representatives have elected to find on-line marketing training from other resources.

Is FHTM a scam?

FHTM just isn't a scam. It is a multilevel marketing enterprise, otherwise known as an MLM. It's wise to due your do diligence before getting into one of these businesses. You will find some good and some not so good. Make sure they have an excellent strong leadership, a good track record, and a solid product that you might back. Many of these companies are thought to be scams, because sometimes individuals get a get rich quick attitude about them. However, it is a plan that with some hard work, you might become wealthy over a short time period -- or shorter than one would normally think as far as the corporate world goes. But make no mistake, no matter what MLM you get into, FHTM or another, be prepared to work hard. These businesses could be great vehicles to achieve success, but it does not come with a magic press of a button.

FHTM MLM Business

FHTM or Fortune High Tech Marketing is a Multi Level Marketing or Network marketing venture that started back in 2001. Paul Orberson, who is the president, got his experience in Network marketing when he was the top distributor for Excel Conversation. There is plenty of static information about this company on the web.

One group of people is telling you it's a gimmick and they're going to cite the fact that in Montana there was a lawsuit filed and that you should function and hide.

The other group will tell you that Fortune is a perfect business and that almost everything negative said about them is a lie...

Here is what nobody is telling you on either side of the argument:

First- Fortune is not a scam. They are a sound business.

Second- they are NOT perfect and I'll explain why.

Whenever you look honestly at the numbers, the amount of representatives that joined last twelve months at $299 (it recently went down to $199) only generated about 7 ½ million dollars of the 600 million that was taken in. That money is generated by bringing qualified customers to the businesses that have worked out distributor deals with FHTM- the most talked about are the key cell phone carriers and Dish Network. Should you purchase Dish with them- the charge is identical to signing up anywhere else. The Wireless Store is slightly different- the cell plans are the same compared to walking into some other reseller, except when you are trying to upgrade. Most resellers will take a loss on upgrades so they might secure your extended contract and hopefully sell some accessories- because Fortune is paying out commissions to eight levels- taking that loss would never be recouped even over a two year period. The easiest way around that is to switch carriers every 2 years- you keep your number and you get the most effective deals on the newest phones and you're always considered a new customer.

The commissions are fairly low until you reach the eighth level- this keeps the commission payments minimal for those who do not stay with the enterprise. So to begin with it Is about building a organization. It Is all about selling. Anyone that says differently is lying. You have to sell the venture opportunity to somebody. Should you just try to get folks to sign up their cell phones with you, you is not going to make any money.

Make sure you join a team. Not only a person who is trying to sign up many people, but someone who gives you proper TRAINING and SUPPORT. When I 1st joined the business, my Regional manager had no contact with me and there was very little training. I have put together training videos that help my group members to reach out beyond their family and friends and I make myself accessible to everyone on my team.

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Numis Network Product Vs Other MLM

Any time Some of you hear mlm, you go, "oh boy, he will talk about a juice, a pale, a powder, air filter, laundry detergent or something of that nature.  Well, Numis products are gold and silver assets.  These products are the only product in network marketing which has value.

Getting involved simply means that you get to accumulate Numis products being an asset with time.  We have some of the funniest arguments every now and then from prospects that are thinking about Numis Network.  "How much am I gonna be able to sell them for in 5 years?" Well, isn't it interesting that we can have have that discussion at all.

The thing is the majority of network marketing companies is either a website, a service, juice, pale or something containing no value in 5 years.  It is just really powerful to realize how different the Numis Network Products are.  You literally get to collect real assets for free because that's exactly what you are promoting.  With what is going on in the economy, it might be a smart idea to have silver and gold assets.

Let's imagine for a second that I came over your house and I felt like I should give gifts away.  I told you to go inside my pickup truck to grab some of my items that I sell.  How many pack of pales would you grab?  What about bottles of juice?  If it was silver and gold assets, how many would you snap up?  I bet you would get as much as you found of gold and silver and even tear my truck seats apart looking for more.

That's what is neat within the Numis Products.  You will never bring in anybody into the business and have them angry at you because they have too many of them lying around.  You could never get fed up with these items.

Anyone in this tight economy is much better off obtaining the Numis products whether you build the business or not.  For the first time, you get to build a business where you actually get to pass something down for your children.  That has been a myth for 50 year in the MLM Business.  It is actually true now.  The worst case scenario is that you have a garage full of silver and gold in the unique business opportunity.

One of the main down sides in this industry is eradicated.  As fantastic as the network marketing business is, you will find nearly 5,000 companies competing with equivalent services and products in a very few limited categories; nutrition and skin care, household products,technology products, Services like financial, travel and discount programs etc.   Numis Network products eliminates the need for almost worthless inventory that most possess in this industry.  The value of the products increases over time historically and competitiors can never make a better one.

Lastly, the Numis products has never been marketed through mlm before.  It is a new product category that is already generating billions of dollars in product sales.  Addititionally there is no dominant leader of the Numis products outside of network marketing, i.e no Walmart of numismatic Coins.

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Network Marketing Companies Are Legitimate

You are on this page right now because you want to know if network marketing companies are legal. Well you are not alone. Thousands of people are wondering the same thing every month because a friend or a family introduced them.

In fact, there are multiple resources online that will educate you on the industry. Now I wouldn't call it an industry if it was illegal; mostly not. Like I said, I will show you a few points in this article that you can use to evaluate any money making opportunities like network marketing companies.

Is FHTM a Pyramid Scam?

What is Fortune Hi Tech Marketing INC. About?

In this review article we try to find out if FHTM is a scam or a legit business.

It was created by a gentleman named Paul Orberson from Lexington, Kentucky.

Fortune High Tech Marketing (AKA) FHTM is a company connecting products and services to representatives who can help sell them. The website claims you can become FHTM business owners no matter what your background, helping you to earn a living for yourself with there innovative compensation plan.

The website looks professional but is hard to navigate to find the necessary information. A link with take you to the Fortune Hi Tech Marketing ‘University’ from which you can sign up as a representative of their products, though they do not state how much a membership is going to cost upfront. After a detailed look it appears that the cost is $249 to join Fortune Hi Tech Marketing.

Is Fortune Hi Tech Marketing A Scam?

The Fortune Hi Tech Marketing system is a multi level marketing plan, also known as MLM or network marketing. Many MLM schemes online have been criticized due to the fact that they effectively become pyramid schemes, where only those at the top make money leaving those at the bottom to provide them with their money, unable to make any money themselves.

These problems and complaints are not uncommon in any MLM type business.

However, not all MLM programs are pyramid schemes. Pyramid schemes are illegal in the US and the Federal Trade Commission emphasizes the fact that these programs are legal if the main aim is to sell products rather than recruit members.

Taking a look at the Fortune Hi Tech Marketing website there are a number of products available for you to promote. This means, in this case, that this MLM program is legal and could therefore have the potential of bringing your profits.

However, through further investigations it is clear that many users have essentially experienced the bad effects of a ‘pyramid’ scheme. While they technically have products to sell, the real money from Fortune Hi Tech Marketing comes in recruiting members and earning money from what they sell. Therefore those at the bottom are not getting much out of their investment.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Looking for Network Marketing Companies?

You are on this page right this moment simply because you've always wondered if network marketing comapanies are legal.  Well you are not alone.  Many folks are thinking the same thing every month because a friend or a family introduced them.

Actually, you will find numerous resouces online which will teach you on the business.  Now I probably would not refer to it as a business if it was illegitimate; most likely not.  Like I said, I will show you a few points in this article that you can use to evaluate any money making opportiunities like network marketing companies.

There over 4,000 network marketing companies all across the world which are registered with the government.  I know what you're thinking.  Anyone can register a company right?  Yes they can.  That lead me to the next point.

I must agree that there are a number of shady companies particularly on the web nowadays claiming themselves among the network marketing companies.  A rule of thumb, even though does not cover everything, is that there must be a product or service exchanging hands to make any business legal.

Anytime money is being exchanged with any of the network marketing companies to get recruited just for the sake of recruiting and no product or service ended up being exchanged, that is called pyramid scheme.  If so, the prey just isn't a representative.  On CNBC America Greed, they are known as investors.

Network marketing companies has many other factors you need to look out for in order to make sure that your interest is being safeguarded.   I will share one more factor with you.

Where are the owners of the company coming from?  Were they network marketers themselves or at least one of them was a network marketer.  If the response to that is no, then it's just high-risk for you because the company is not guranteed to be there tomorrow.  So is your account with them.

This companies are very legitimate.  Nonetheless that does not ensure success.  The success is completely 95% usually about you.  That might sound easy but it is not for 95% of mankind.

Is ACN, The MLM Network Marketing Opportunity A Scam

To scam is basically to defraud or swindle, usually with the purpose of making money

Using the above definition we will review ACN to determine if it is a scam or legitimate business proposition

Is ACN a Scam -A fraudulent Business Scheme ?
To fully address this we need to consider two key points. Firstly is ACN a legitimate Company and secondly is the ACN opportunity a legitimate business ? So lets take a look at the company.

ACN is a telecommunications business. ACN is an anacronym for American Communications Network. Founded in 1993 by 4 partners, ACNs goal is provide quality telephone and internet services at reduced rates

Currently operating in 19 countries ACN is one of the biggest telecommunications service suppliers on the globe. They have a global staff of over 1000 direct employees and have annual revenuesof over $500 million.

In its 15 year history the company has garnered a reputation as a stayer in a highly competitive marketplace and now has several services it offers to its customers including digital video phone, internet and in some countries other utilities

Is The ACN Opportunity a Scam ?
While there is no disputing the fact that ACN the company is not a scam, it is clearly a legitimate business, the question remains is the ACN opportunity a good proposition for the independent rep to make earn his fortune?

The ACN opportunity is a network marketing, telecommunications business. It operates utilising a traditional MLM system where sales reps can make money by developing personal customersand recruiting and trainingtheir own business team. We will discuss the pay plan in more detail shortly. First letssee what industry leaders have to say about the ACN opportunity.

Donald Trump recently endorsed ACN as a great company and real opportunity There is no disputing ACN is a solid, reputable company with a diverse, high demand product range that offers real benifit and value to consumers. More importantly, as a telecommunications business, ACN has a rapidly expanding and growing international market for their products and services meaning there is plenty of scope for new representatives to build a significant customer and representative gruop and make some real money.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Christians, awake from your slumber

Lawrence B Abitogun is a christian book author and creator of Christian Edification online blog. If you like this christian Words of Encouragement and want read more, click Christian Call

This is a call to all Christians all over the world to wake up from their spiritual slumber, unite once again, and win this world for Christ. There is the need for revival; and the revival should start from within individual Christian. The world cannot have peace until Christians go out there to let the world know the will of God, through our speech and conduct, a displayed sincerity of our faith.

Christians are not living up to the God’s standard expected of them. This does not encourage unbelievers to follow our way of life. Christians need to live an ensample to people of the world; this is the only way Christians can influence them. The Bible says that Christians are the light and salt of the world; however, we are not shining, neither can we season.

Are there more virgin lands to discover on earth? Are there new places to preach the gospel anew? What we need is to exhibit what we professed if it has to be meaningful to the unbelievers. If Christianity must grow, laid down apostolic doctrine must be followed. Though certain things may have changed because the world is changing every day; however, the core principles of Christianity has not change. Truth will always be truth and Sin will always be sin.

Early revivals focused on enlightenment about the Bible, the cross, conversion and activism; another focused on bridging the gap between the rich and the poor, men and women, and so forth.

What we need now is revival for the resurgence and regeneration of moral and spiritual values, which had deteriorated and causing many social ills. Christianity is more of ideology than spiritual today, this is having a negative effect on Christian’s way of life.

The need for revival is not new; it is a recurrent event from ages to ages. It is a reminder for us to come nearer or back to God. When children of God are going astray or in apostasy state, revival is heralded to either relieve burden of sin or cause to suffer complete nervous breakdown. The word of Isaiah to the children of Judah and Jerusalem is applicable to this day, “Come now, and let us reason together…” (Is. 1:18). The time is ripe for another revival.
The truth of the word of God has the solution to the problem of the world. It starts from the church. Christians need to return to their God. If Christianity continues in this sluggish manner where their core principles are neglected, then they are losing the world to the opposition.

There is the need for another “Great Revival” like that of the early centuries. There is the need to spark for more power from above and a greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit

Every Christian should be emotionally involved in their faith. Every Christian needs to study the Bible more than to listen only to Ministers preaching. This is not to say we should neglect the congregation of the children of God, but in order not to be deceived by some false teachers, which dominate the Ministers in today’s churches.

The type of revival we need should promote nondenominational and nonsectarian Christianity. A house divided cannot stand. Many believers are tired of this segregation. Are we not one in Christ, a branch of the one Olive tree? If we so hate ourselves within, how do we want the world to feel about our way of life. Our way of life should depict the fruits of the spirit (Gal. 5:22).
Together in Christ, we shall shake and revive the world from moral and spiritual decadence.

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Monitium - Can You Give Them Your Control Or A Fraud

This review is for you should you be questioning if Monitium is a smart preference as a home business platform.  I am labeling it a platform rather than an Multilevel marketing company because that's exactly what they claim.  Contrary to public opinion, when a organization or whatever they want to call themselves comes up with a income opportunity and put it upon them selves to disclaim network marketing, it's time to run the other way.

As always, I was in my office attending to some group associates when a guy hit me up on skype.  We generally don't entertain such unwanted request but I chose to since I was incredibly excited about some momentum that just happen within our mastermind inner Circle.  Earlier, I also received an unsolicited e-mail about Monitium inside my private email.

Is Monitium a fraud? I wouldn't claim that as of yet or may be never.  Nevertheless I will point out to you how to identify red flags in New companies like Monitium.  One factor that the majority of folks need to understand in the mlm industry is that it is a real industry like any other.    Therefore Top controllers in MLM can be very shady especially when they are starting off a new company.  I know people personally that have been offered millions of dollars to bring in their whole team from their previous MLM Company into their new company.  It happens all the time.

I quote. "Don’t worry about understanding everything today, just look at the Living Legendary Leaders who are endorsing this unique business platform," says Monitum's website at press time.  Endorsements are a fantastic thing.  Just don't base your decision to sign up or continue with Monitium on just that.

I know there are biased Monitium reviews out there on the internet that are written by those people who are associated with this so called platform.  I am not involved with them.  I was simply pitched with this opportunity and I gave it a thorough review using a checklist that you deserve to lay your hands on.

I quote again.  "We don't sell any products and service, we simply protect you from you being left out on the streets after building a huge organization," said Monitum's associate which I spoke to.  Any organization that's building a compensation structure which they have admitted to and do not have any service or product that's changing hands with the public is known as pyramid scheme.  Sorry.

Am I proclaiming that Monitium is a pyramid scheme? NO! Nevertheless, one and only thing that is nearest to services that they are giving is for you the network marketer.  In the legal world or on "American greed", you would be referred to as an investor.  Never mind that Monitium call you associates.

The service is representing you with the best MLM firms as they state and you can be in charge of your career.  "Just recruit people into their platform." I do not know about you.  That appears to me that they will take control of your career from the other MLM companies.

Monitium is not a Network marketing firm as they claim but there is a multilevel marketing comp plan structure.  The last time I checked, MLM is an acronym for Multilevel marketing.  What do Monitium really do?

They may be correct that you don't own your Network marketing business account at any Network marketing company.  One and only thing you hold is your prospects list and your relationship with that list.  When you build a list and relationship with that list, you can control it and partner with any company you choose without worrying if they will shut down next minute.

Making your own list is constructing your own empire for you and not for Monitium or any other company.  Today, there are cheap and easy to use infrastructures online to build a massive list and takeover any company you enter.  That is the only solution to cover your home business and not by giving control to another company or platform like Monitium.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MLM Nikken Business Scam Talk

What Is Nikken?

NIkken is not scam. Nikken is a work from home ideas enterprise that works through the multilevel marketing venture model. The corporation opened up in North America in 1989, but has existed since 1975. Nikken prides itself on presenting new technologies designed for increased health and wellness throughout the globe.

What Exactly Does Nikken Sell?

Nikken's best known product was designed to fight fatigue in folks, around the foot area. A gentleman by the name of Isamu Masuda created a shoe insert using magnets that could slowly eliminate any pain or discomfort on or around the foot. Over the years, Nikken scientists have pioneered some additional technologies using them for the extensive Nikken product line.

Additional products include: organic skincare, organic-based nutrition, water filtration, magnetic sleep technology, negative ion technology and advanced magnetic technology for most of their products.

How You Receives a commission As A Distributor

This business will pay you based upon the amount of products you and your group sells in addition to the amount of new associates you enroll. The amount you could earn is solely determined by your ability to sell the products and bring people in to the enterprise. For exact details of Nikken's compensation structure visit On top of the money you earn from sales and distributors, you may also be eligible for some extra additional bonuses.

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What is it With the Monavie Buzz

There has been a ton of attention all over in regards to the Monavie enterprise recently, some labeling it the "biggest and best" thing out there right now in Network marketing.This is monavie reviews.  However, in this review, I'll answer the question, is there any substance to this business or is it all just hype?

First of all, what is the Monavie venture model? Founded in January 2005, by Daniel Larsen, Henry Marsh and Randy Larsen, they have a self-proclaimed mission of "change and improve lives around the world by introducing unique nutritional products, offering a rewarding enterprise opportunity, and by giving back through our charitable initiatives."

Great, but what products exactly does the Monavie business advertise? As indicative of their name their main product is the super juice Monavie, that happens to be a blend of acai berry and 18 other nutritional fruits. The main benefit being anti-oxidants which protects against free radicals, and delivers the equivalent anti-oxidant value of 13 servings of fruits and vegetables.

So, Monavie promotes what looks like a beneficial, cutting edge product.

But what about the Monavie opportunity pay plans plan? They have 8 ways that you can receives a commission, including: direct sales, team commissions, bulk order signup bonuses, executive check match, 1st order bonus, leadership pools, star maker bonus, and multiple venture centers. A rather unique feature to the compensation plan is that they pay out 50% commission of sales volume, very
high for the industry.

Monavie Business Facts

MonaVie is a company that markets a functional health beverage made principally from the acai berry fruit. Some call it snake oil while others call it the miracle juice. In this content, we will be reviewing whether or not the compensation plan plan is a gimmick.

Is The Enterprise Model A Scam?

Monavie is part of the network marketing industry or MLM which is the accronym for multilevel marketing. Each independent associate is encouraged to recruit others to promote the products. By doing this the distributors create leverage in their venture. To qualify to earn off of other people's efforts it's essential to sign up 2 folks, one on your left team and one on your right group. These individuals is required to be on autoship like yourself of at least one case of juice per 30 days. When you're binary network begins to grow you accumulate points. Once you have points or BV on both your right and left legs you are going to be eligible to receive a team commission

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Is My Video Talk Another MLM Scam?

In this article, I am going to tell you how I encountered MyVideoTalk MLM company.  I will tell you the little I have learned about My Video Talk.  From the name, you can pretty much tell that it has to do with some video technology.  I have read quite a few MyVideoTalk Review and it's obviously creating buzz.. 

About 3 days ago, I was on facebook connecting with my marketing students when a gentle man interrupted me with a chat.  I was very busy that I had to ignore for a while.  Within a few minutes, I received a MyVideoTalk email alert from same gentleman.  It was personalized, the gentleman started talking to me directly through a video mail in my email.  I said wow!

My jaw dropped and I started to pick them up while he continues to talk. LOL... NOT! First of all, there is nothing new about this technology.  However you can make money with it.  Sorry to disappoint you if you are looking for some MyVideoTalk scam report.  There is no fraud in MyVideoTalk as long as there is a product or service being marketed like the MyVideoTalk technologies in this case.

So, MyVideoTalk started in India and has literally created a lot of buzz on the net since it started in the USA by Team Effort International LLC which is located in California.  However, if you visit there USA website, there is no mention of India.  I found that a little odd.

The products are MyVideoDesigner, MyVideoBroadcaster, MyVideoWebshow, MyVideoChannel.  One of the very vital things to look at when evaluating a business opportunity is the marketability of the products.  Competition will also come to mind.  As far as competition, youtube comes to mind for video mail especially.

Is there a market for myVideoTalk?  Absolutely there is.  As long as you know how to market. Just remember that this is network marketing and companies in this industry are notorious for getting the reps to indirectly or directly use the service.  With that being said, your focus need to be on marketing the business opportunity.  Obviously and as usual, the reps will use and pay for myvideotalk technologies.

Now you need to learn how to recruit into MyVideoTalk.  People join people.  They join people they see as leaders.  Are you a leader?  Do people feel like they can follow you to their dreams?  May be you are just pitching people with the myvideotalk compensation plan.  Let me tell you a secret.  That is a big turn off and the compensation plan does not make the difference between success and failure in network marketing.  Leadership does.  The right skill set does.  The Right team does. 

As far as myvideotalk, recommend the opportunity to your followers.  They will listen and obey if you are a leader.  So how do you build a followership that just listen to your recommendation like they would listen to an expert.  You have to build your own brand.  Not myvideotalk's brand.

A FACT you should know is that some people to focus of a company called Numis Network highly considered the fastest growing company in network marketing to build myvideotalk, but they RAN BACK like a masqurade chase them bach from HELL... LOL... just so you know... that's all.  If you want to learn more about Numis Network, click here

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Truth about MLSP

And believe it or not, some will take a look at what you have and some is not going to - just like when you advertise offline. And out of those who do decide to take a look, some will actually join your enterprise and some is not going to - again, just like whenever you market offline.

It's no various, except if you count the fact that they ended up on your list inside the first place because they WANTED to be there as opposed to you going up to individuals and trying to show them the plan although they did NOT ask to be approached by you.

Does that make sense? Could you see it? Do you get it? Hopefully you answered in the affirmative.

So yes, your leads are generated through the Mlsp system and due to the value offered by you and what you tell them regarding how Mlsp can certainly assist them in their current venture; On the other hand at some point, once again, those leads will see your major venture and some will even join you in it! And once that happens, MLM Lead System Pro has done it's job in that respect...It has assisted you with generating leads FOR your venture!

In the subsequent post, we will find out the seemingly asinine method that Mlsp says you must be taking to marketing and why it really makes perfect sense.

Stay tuned...

Again, this write-up is jus

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MyVideoTalk Third Party Review

In this short article, My goal is to show you how We stumbled upon MyVideoTalk Network marketing company. I will tell you the little I have learned about My Video Talk. From the name, you can pretty much tell that it has to do with some video technology. I have read quite a few MyVideoTalk Review and it's obviously creating buzz.

About three days ago, I was on myspace connecting with my marketing students when a gentle man disrupted me with a conversation. I was really busy and had to ignore for a short time. Within a short while, I received a MyVideoTalk e-mail alert coming from exact same gentleman. It was customized, the guy began actually talking to me directly via a video mail in my email. I said wow!

My jaw fell and I started to pick them up while he proceeds to talk. LOL... Not really! Firstly, there is nothing new about this specific technology. However you can make money with it. I'm sorry to disappoint you if you are searching for some MyVideoTalk scam report. There's no scam in MyVideoTalk as long as there is a product or service being marketed like the MyVideoTalk technologies in this case.

So, MyVideoTalk started out in India and has practically created a lot of news on the net since it started in the USA by Team Effort International LLC which is located in California. However, if you visit there USA website, there isn't any mention of India. I found that a little odd.

Products are MyVideoDesigner, MyVideoBroadcaster, MyVideoWebshow, MyVideoChannel. One of the very vital things to look at when evaluating a business opportunity is the marketability of the products. Competition will also come to mind. As far as competition, youtube comes to mind for video mail especially.

Is there market for myVideoTalk? Totally there is. Providing you know how to market. Bare in mind that this is network marketing and companies in this industry are well known for getting the representatives to indirectly or directly use the service. With that said, your focus should be on marketing the business opportunity. Obviously and as usual, the reps use and purchase myvideotalk technologies.

Now you need to learn to recruit into MyVideoTalk. People join people. They will join people they see as leaders. Are you a leader? Do people think that they can follow you to their aspirations? May be you are just pestering people with the myvideotalk comp plan. Let me tell you a top secret. That is a big turn off and the compensation plan does not make the difference between success and failure in network marketing. Leadership does. The right skill set does. The Right team does.

As far as myvideotalk, suggest the opportunity to your followers. They will listen and obey if you are a leader. So how do you build a followership that just listen to your suggestion like they would listen to a professional. You have to build your own brand. Not myvideotalk's brand.

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Is Vemmabuilder a Marketing Platform or a Mere Landing Page

I always tell my PE (pre-enrollees) Vemmabuilder is a marketing tools to help all members to follow-up with their PE. You do not need to worry when you miss to say Hello to the PE.

Because when any new PE visit your Vemmabuilder site, it will auto send a welcome letter to them. Not only that, Vemmabuilder also auto create a website link for the PE to use this business site free for 90 days.

It enable the PE to trial out this system free for 90 days. Many people posted queries regarding Vemmabuilder online. Many thinks that it must be a scam.

Because in their traditional business they always need to contact their prospects, meet them for drinks or open home party. To them these are the basic they need to follow. Because in the network marketing industry, there is none of a network company created such powerful system yet. Only Vemma, able to go without hassle but able to get new members to upgrade online.

World Ventures MLM

World Ventures isn't scam. If you like to holiday but have been putting off taking 1 because of the high costs then a WorldVentures Dreamtrips membership is some thing that may be a solution for you. It provides you hundreds of holiday options each 12 months to select from. You could take a weekend getaway to New York or Las Vegas. A luxurious cruise to the Caribbean or Alaska. An all-inclusive resort around the globe. Hunting and fishing dream vacations in Alaska. WorldVentures delivers Dreamtrips that may suit every single budget and taste.

Like the WorldVentures Dreamtrip aboard the Carnival Elation. It is a 6 day 5 evening cruise that departs from Mobile Alabama and goes to Cozumel Mexico and Playa Del Carmen. At the time of this writing the lowest selling price on Expedia is $279 per human being. WorldVentures Dreamtrips price is $196 per man or woman.

Or the WorldVentures Dreamtrip aboard the Carnival Glory. It is a 6 day 5 evening cruise that departs from New York and goes to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. At the time of this writing the lowest price tag on Expedia is $449 per particular person. WorldVentures Dreamtrips value is $389 per man or woman.

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Positives and negatives of 4life MLM


o 4life Research offers unique and world patented products.

o 4Life Scam Research sells over 75 products for the health conscious as well as products designed particularly for pets and elderly care.

o A 30 day money back guarantee is provided in all products.

o The 4Life enterprise opportunity offers a beneficial pay plan to its representatives that have the ability sell the products as well as sign up others to do exactly the same.

o Top achievers get rewards and signup bonuses including free trips abroad.


o In order to successfully pull down a significant income, you'll have to hold yourself and your organization to a minimum amount of sales each month to get money commissions and additional bonuses.

o 4Life products are not approved by the FDA which could make for some unique challenges.

o In addition, the product's health benefits are focused more so on the long term without any immediately visible results.

97:3 Ratio = Shaklee Scam?

@ Truitt661   ...of course you can make money with.  The question you should be asking is what are the odds of you ,.. I mean you making money with them?  Well the odds is 97:3 if you are just getting into the industry and that is not to by anyway discourage you.  You have to work hard and treat like a real multi-million dollar business and 97% won't.  That's the secrets. 

So Shaklee? Scam?  NOOOO it's a legitimate business last time I checked.

Giving Shaklee Business A Casual Run

1st, these allegations and hard ideas are derived from men and women who gave running a Shaklee business a casual try for a couple of months then gave up, raising their hands in full aggravation boasting this “doesn’t work”.

Let’s get truly sincere and receptive here. Shaklee as a business is no less a gimmick than a different other home business enterprise, nor real business for example. It takes actual effort and willpower to make a go from it. It is regrettable that within this industry, folks generally go to it with impractical goals of fast cash….it really does not work that way.



Friday, September 3, 2010

Critical Ambit Energy Busines Review

The folks going internet making Ambit Energy Scam claims are the ones that don’t recognize that you must marketing you and your venture to be able to generate income in this industry. You have to discover ways to market in order to become the top marketer among the rest in Ambit Energy venture or any MLM. Well ambit energy is not a scam. Will they be around for a long time? The answer to that I dont know. Different factors can make companies shut down. management decisions, products, services. But Companies marketing services like Ambit energy, ACN, etc have tendencies to last longer in my opinion. 

This means that you have to give more value to yourself and brand you as a leader. When you brand yourself as a leader, there might be no need for you to chase family and friends. There will probably be no need for you to pitch your enterprise to every stranger that you come in contact with. Prospects will probably be automatically attracted to you.

Christian Business Tip - Success Requires Focusing

When the Israelites left Egypt, their focal point was the promise land, to be a free nation serving the Lord. At different times and at different point between Egypt and Canaan land, they encountered many difficulties, among which are-

·       Natural barriers and obstacles – the Red Sea and the Jordan River

·       Lacks – water, food, and meat

·       Confrontation and oppositions – close relations and nations

Difficulties of this nature create fear and unbelief, thus the negative attractions change focus. Rather than believing in God and focusing on how to be successful, ability turns to disability.

The path to achieving any goal in life is not very rosy. A similitude of what happened to the Israelites in the wilderness happens to every process of any undertaking in life. Therefore, in the transitional period of your business, you are going to face difficulties, obstacles, challenges, confrontations, antagonism, even persecution. However, with your reliance on God and unshaken faith in your goal, you need to remain focus.

Another illustration shows our Lord Jesus Christ walking on the water; Peter wanted to do the same. But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and began to sink, (Matt. 14:26-30).

What happened to Peter here is exactly what causes many undertakings or businesses to fail. At first, when Peter started to walk on the sea, he was focusing on Jesus who had permitted him to walk. However, immediately he shifted his eyes away from Jesus and beheld the boisterous wind, he started sinking. If he had stayed focused looking onto Jesus Christ and kept on walking, he would not have sunk.

When we have a goal, there is bound to be problems, seen and unseen situations will generate and cause fear. Our focus should not be on the problem, but on where we are going. For sure, problems will pop up from time to time, we have to deal with them as they come and take it off our way in order to be able to press forward.

If you think you will accomplish a thing without a problem, you are joking. You will not because of a problem to start thinking negatively or losing your faith or shifting your reliance from God to earthly help. Your dream, your vision, your goal or your undertaking is priority in order for you to succeed.

There are problems, which you do not have the power to overcome, commit such problems to the judgment of God and keep moving. Do not allow others wicked scheme discourage you from achieving success through the right path.
Do not allow anxiety to distract your mind from staying focused, especially, when you lack something.
Do not allow sentiment into your business. Associations and attachments are expert in discouraging and despising and can distract you, debar you or delay your achievement. They are destiny killers. 
Beware of misinformation or evil report concerning your intended mission or goal; this would slow down your progress. Do not allow any evil report to distract you from being focus.
Distractions are what will not allow you to be focus. Lack of focus, springs up attitude and behavior that is opposing to the will of God.

Whatever the nature of that distraction, remember to look unto Jesus, the author and finisher (perfecter) of our faith (Heb. 12:2). Stay focus and endure the pressure, which the distraction may put on you. At the end, when you are successful, there lies sweetness. That is the reward of being focus.


Lawrence B Abitogun is a christian book author and creator of Christian Edification online blog. If you like this Christian Peace Article and want read more, click Christian Business Tips

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Treat It Like A Business - Network Marketing Secrets

In my opinion, the #1 Network Marketing secrets is to treat like a Multi-million dollar business that is is and it will pay you like one.

Is network marketing success possible (with MLM marketing network?). If you're searching for information on MLM and wondering which way to turn then you are in the right place. Sit back and relax, as we uncover a few network marketing secrets about Network Marketing, as well as all the essential facts and figure you will need to make an informed decision about the Jusuru network marketing opportunity. Ready? Here we go...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Usana MLM BUsiness Success Tips

I like how you explain the importance of marketing. People forget that there is marketing in Network Marketing. You have to market your business. If you learn the proper USANA marketing skills, the building the USANA business wont be such a hard thing like it is for the 95% of people that will not make money in the network marketing business.  The people that fail in this business are the ones usually making Usana scam allegations. The No 1 secret to building a successful USANA business is figuring out how to generate MLM leads on the internet. Do not spend money on buying leads online. This is the first step to going broke in this business. MLM is people’s business