Friday, September 24, 2010

Numis Network Product Vs Other MLM

Any time Some of you hear mlm, you go, "oh boy, he will talk about a juice, a pale, a powder, air filter, laundry detergent or something of that nature.  Well, Numis products are gold and silver assets.  These products are the only product in network marketing which has value.

Getting involved simply means that you get to accumulate Numis products being an asset with time.  We have some of the funniest arguments every now and then from prospects that are thinking about Numis Network.  "How much am I gonna be able to sell them for in 5 years?" Well, isn't it interesting that we can have have that discussion at all.

The thing is the majority of network marketing companies is either a website, a service, juice, pale or something containing no value in 5 years.  It is just really powerful to realize how different the Numis Network Products are.  You literally get to collect real assets for free because that's exactly what you are promoting.  With what is going on in the economy, it might be a smart idea to have silver and gold assets.

Let's imagine for a second that I came over your house and I felt like I should give gifts away.  I told you to go inside my pickup truck to grab some of my items that I sell.  How many pack of pales would you grab?  What about bottles of juice?  If it was silver and gold assets, how many would you snap up?  I bet you would get as much as you found of gold and silver and even tear my truck seats apart looking for more.

That's what is neat within the Numis Products.  You will never bring in anybody into the business and have them angry at you because they have too many of them lying around.  You could never get fed up with these items.

Anyone in this tight economy is much better off obtaining the Numis products whether you build the business or not.  For the first time, you get to build a business where you actually get to pass something down for your children.  That has been a myth for 50 year in the MLM Business.  It is actually true now.  The worst case scenario is that you have a garage full of silver and gold in the unique business opportunity.

One of the main down sides in this industry is eradicated.  As fantastic as the network marketing business is, you will find nearly 5,000 companies competing with equivalent services and products in a very few limited categories; nutrition and skin care, household products,technology products, Services like financial, travel and discount programs etc.   Numis Network products eliminates the need for almost worthless inventory that most possess in this industry.  The value of the products increases over time historically and competitiors can never make a better one.

Lastly, the Numis products has never been marketed through mlm before.  It is a new product category that is already generating billions of dollars in product sales.  Addititionally there is no dominant leader of the Numis products outside of network marketing, i.e no Walmart of numismatic Coins.

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