Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monavie Business Facts

MonaVie is a company that markets a functional health beverage made principally from the acai berry fruit. Some call it snake oil while others call it the miracle juice. In this content, we will be reviewing whether or not the compensation plan plan is a gimmick.

Is The Enterprise Model A Scam?

Monavie is part of the network marketing industry or MLM which is the accronym for multilevel marketing. Each independent associate is encouraged to recruit others to promote the products. By doing this the distributors create leverage in their venture. To qualify to earn off of other people's efforts it's essential to sign up 2 folks, one on your left team and one on your right group. These individuals is required to be on autoship like yourself of at least one case of juice per 30 days. When you're binary network begins to grow you accumulate points. Once you have points or BV on both your right and left legs you are going to be eligible to receive a team commission

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