Wednesday, September 29, 2010

FHTM, Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing

FHTM, Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, was launched by Paul Orberson in January of 2001. Their head offices can be found in Lexington, Kentucky, and their sales exceed $500 million annually.

FHTM uses the multi-level marketing business model to advertise its products and services. This is a company that has been 100% debt free since its beginning. You can certainly find them operating in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Puerto Rico Instead of creating its own products, FHTM utilizes many popular services and products at the moment being used by countless customers throughout the world. They have developed a process in which their network marketers make profits for referring new clients to roughly 20 or so various partner companies.

Founder, Paul Orberson, became a millionaire inside the multilevel marketing industry while working as a marketer for Excel Communications. Representatives of Excel earned profits by getting customers to change out their existing telephone service for Excel. This same idea is in FHTM's business model.

Products and Services

Inside FHTM you'll find services such as cell phone, home telephone, hi-speed online, auto clubs, travel clubs and home security systems. Included are businesses like T-Mobile, Alltel Wireless, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and Dish Network. And they also have product lines, including a nutritional supplement line, pet supplement line, beauty line, and a travel portal site where you can certainly receive travel discounts.

FHTM's Pay plans Plan

As a rep you'll receive a $100 bonus for bringing other reps into FHTM, as well as other bonuses as you are promoted to different levels within the organization. Representatives develop up residual income by earning 2-20% on reoccurring purchases. Some don't like the stair-step breakaway plan. This means the stars in your organization breakaway, and so reps must always be recruiting new network marketers into the venture.

FHTM Evaluation

Fortune has been around since 2001, making it a very well established network marketing business. Paul Orberson is a proven leader in the multilevel marketing industry, and advertisements tremendous value to the corporation. The business is offering services and products that have a market and are in high demand.

The negative side: Even with the demand of these products and services, most are already locked into tight long term contracts, making it less attractive for individuals to switch at times. Many existing representatives have had to reach out to other places for additional training, even with a significance on training within the business. FHTM appears to only put emphasis on marketing methods of the past. These methods are essential in building a multi-level marketing business; however, in the age of the Online, many see the possibility it can certainly bring to a home enterprise. And that is why many Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing representatives have elected to find on-line marketing training from other resources.

Is FHTM a scam?

FHTM just isn't a scam. It is a multilevel marketing enterprise, otherwise known as an MLM. It's wise to due your do diligence before getting into one of these businesses. You will find some good and some not so good. Make sure they have an excellent strong leadership, a good track record, and a solid product that you might back. Many of these companies are thought to be scams, because sometimes individuals get a get rich quick attitude about them. However, it is a plan that with some hard work, you might become wealthy over a short time period -- or shorter than one would normally think as far as the corporate world goes. But make no mistake, no matter what MLM you get into, FHTM or another, be prepared to work hard. These businesses could be great vehicles to achieve success, but it does not come with a magic press of a button.

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