Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MLM Nikken Business Scam Talk

What Is Nikken?

NIkken is not scam. Nikken is a work from home ideas enterprise that works through the multilevel marketing venture model. The corporation opened up in North America in 1989, but has existed since 1975. Nikken prides itself on presenting new technologies designed for increased health and wellness throughout the globe.

What Exactly Does Nikken Sell?

Nikken's best known product was designed to fight fatigue in folks, around the foot area. A gentleman by the name of Isamu Masuda created a shoe insert using magnets that could slowly eliminate any pain or discomfort on or around the foot. Over the years, Nikken scientists have pioneered some additional technologies using them for the extensive Nikken product line.

Additional products include: organic skincare, organic-based nutrition, water filtration, magnetic sleep technology, negative ion technology and advanced magnetic technology for most of their products.

How You Receives a commission As A Distributor

This business will pay you based upon the amount of products you and your group sells in addition to the amount of new associates you enroll. The amount you could earn is solely determined by your ability to sell the products and bring people in to the enterprise. For exact details of Nikken's compensation structure visit On top of the money you earn from sales and distributors, you may also be eligible for some extra additional bonuses.

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