Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Is Vemmabuilder a Marketing Platform or a Mere Landing Page

I always tell my PE (pre-enrollees) Vemmabuilder is a marketing tools to help all members to follow-up with their PE. You do not need to worry when you miss to say Hello to the PE.

Because when any new PE visit your Vemmabuilder site, it will auto send a welcome letter to them. Not only that, Vemmabuilder also auto create a website link for the PE to use this business site free for 90 days.

It enable the PE to trial out this system free for 90 days. Many people posted queries regarding Vemmabuilder online. Many thinks that it must be a scam.

Because in their traditional business they always need to contact their prospects, meet them for drinks or open home party. To them these are the basic they need to follow. Because in the network marketing industry, there is none of a network company created such powerful system yet. Only Vemma, able to go without hassle but able to get new members to upgrade online.

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