Wednesday, September 29, 2010

FHTM MLM Business

FHTM or Fortune High Tech Marketing is a Multi Level Marketing or Network marketing venture that started back in 2001. Paul Orberson, who is the president, got his experience in Network marketing when he was the top distributor for Excel Conversation. There is plenty of static information about this company on the web.

One group of people is telling you it's a gimmick and they're going to cite the fact that in Montana there was a lawsuit filed and that you should function and hide.

The other group will tell you that Fortune is a perfect business and that almost everything negative said about them is a lie...

Here is what nobody is telling you on either side of the argument:

First- Fortune is not a scam. They are a sound business.

Second- they are NOT perfect and I'll explain why.

Whenever you look honestly at the numbers, the amount of representatives that joined last twelve months at $299 (it recently went down to $199) only generated about 7 ½ million dollars of the 600 million that was taken in. That money is generated by bringing qualified customers to the businesses that have worked out distributor deals with FHTM- the most talked about are the key cell phone carriers and Dish Network. Should you purchase Dish with them- the charge is identical to signing up anywhere else. The Wireless Store is slightly different- the cell plans are the same compared to walking into some other reseller, except when you are trying to upgrade. Most resellers will take a loss on upgrades so they might secure your extended contract and hopefully sell some accessories- because Fortune is paying out commissions to eight levels- taking that loss would never be recouped even over a two year period. The easiest way around that is to switch carriers every 2 years- you keep your number and you get the most effective deals on the newest phones and you're always considered a new customer.

The commissions are fairly low until you reach the eighth level- this keeps the commission payments minimal for those who do not stay with the enterprise. So to begin with it Is about building a organization. It Is all about selling. Anyone that says differently is lying. You have to sell the venture opportunity to somebody. Should you just try to get folks to sign up their cell phones with you, you is not going to make any money.

Make sure you join a team. Not only a person who is trying to sign up many people, but someone who gives you proper TRAINING and SUPPORT. When I 1st joined the business, my Regional manager had no contact with me and there was very little training. I have put together training videos that help my group members to reach out beyond their family and friends and I make myself accessible to everyone on my team.

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