Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What is it With the Monavie Buzz

There has been a ton of attention all over in regards to the Monavie enterprise recently, some labeling it the "biggest and best" thing out there right now in Network marketing.This is monavie reviews.  However, in this review, I'll answer the question, is there any substance to this business or is it all just hype?

First of all, what is the Monavie venture model? Founded in January 2005, by Daniel Larsen, Henry Marsh and Randy Larsen, they have a self-proclaimed mission of "change and improve lives around the world by introducing unique nutritional products, offering a rewarding enterprise opportunity, and by giving back through our charitable initiatives."

Great, but what products exactly does the Monavie business advertise? As indicative of their name their main product is the super juice Monavie, that happens to be a blend of acai berry and 18 other nutritional fruits. The main benefit being anti-oxidants which protects against free radicals, and delivers the equivalent anti-oxidant value of 13 servings of fruits and vegetables.

So, Monavie promotes what looks like a beneficial, cutting edge product.

But what about the Monavie opportunity pay plans plan? They have 8 ways that you can receives a commission, including: direct sales, team commissions, bulk order signup bonuses, executive check match, 1st order bonus, leadership pools, star maker bonus, and multiple venture centers. A rather unique feature to the compensation plan is that they pay out 50% commission of sales volume, very
high for the industry.

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